Thanksgiving Apple Crumbles

Nov 22, 2023

Limited Special: Thanksgiving Apple Crumbles

Pick up a homemade apple crumble on Wednesday evening just in time for Thanksgiving! Our same sweet and tart crumble — with seasonal granny smith apples and crunchy crumble top — but in your own beautiful baking dish so it fits right in on your dinner table!

Send an email or text if you are interested and we can coordinate a time to drop off your pie dish.

Pie Dish Dropoff Deadline: Monday November 20th

Pie Pick Up: 6PM Wednesday November 22nd

Cost varies based on size of the pie dish (e.g. $28 for 9"; $34 for 9.5")

If you don't have a pie dish but would like to participate I can lend you one of mine! ($10 deposit)